Power backplate

A standard backplate that fits a power switch, a power socket and a volume control knob. Fits this power switch1, this audio amplifier1 and this power socket1

Download backplate

Raspberry Pi backplate

A backplate for a Raspberry Pi motherboard, along with a secondary piece that acts as a caddy. Fits a standard Raspberry Pi 41

Download backplate Download caddy

LattePanda Alpha/Delta

A backplate to fit a LattePanda Alpha or Beta motherboard, along with a caddy and an exhaust port in separate pieces. Fits any LattePanda Alpha or Beta model1, one of this ethernet extension cables1 and this cute 12mm. momentary power button1.

Download backplate Download caddy Download exhaust port

Blank backplate

A blank backplate you can modify in your favourite 3D editing software to fit your needs.

Download backplate

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