Assembly instructions are still in the making, but you’re a hacker and geek, so you’ll sure be able to figure it out in the meantime. Stay up to date via twitter.

Some advice for brave builders

  • The bottom body parts are not glued to the top body ones.
  • PLA gets soft easily when applying some heat with a hairdryer. Use this to make your pieces fit perfectly. Do not use a hot air gun!
  • To alleviate structural stress once your parts are glued and dry, gently apply hot air with a hair dryer for some minutes to let the plastic stresses sit down by themselves.
  • Be generous when applying glue, even if it drips everywhere. This will fill all gaps between pieces nicely. You’re good at sanding, right?
  • Use clamps along with the provided 3D printable clamp pieces when gluing to align the parts easily. Apply glue to the clamp pieces also, they’re designed to stay in place to reinforce the structure.
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